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Alicia Blas

owner and lead designer

There is no space too big or small to create a garden.

I am Alicia Blas, founder and principal of Firmly Planted Designs. I am a proud graduate of Columbia College, Chicago IL, and a certified Master Gardener in four states (CA, NM, MI, FL). I am a practicing garden designer, landscape/photo/set stylist, and product designer.

A pot, a patio, a balcony, an entire yard - Firmly Planted can create gardens of the soul anywhere!

How does your space make you feel? How would you like it to feel? We can help you create a garden that flows for you, your family, and your home!

Firmly Planted Designs was born from love, consciousness, trial and error, and knowing that when you surround yourself with beauty, nature, and style you feel good. When you feel good you are good!

I believe a garden means so much more than a place for plants and flowers. It is a brilliant and beautiful way to tell a story ­– to be an expression of yourself, your family, and your home.

When you mix nature and love with a dollop of whimsical and a whole lot of right plant – right place you have the secret recipe for garden success!

My crew is composed of individuals who care about nature and design as much as I do. Together we can execute any job with the knowledge, craftsmanship, and skill needed to create Eden right outside your door!

Straight off the vine........

It's been a pleasure to know and work with Alicia at Firmly Planted on my landscaping project. She is very professional, knowledgeable and passionate about her craft. I appreciate the time she spent with me in educating as well as helping to select the plants, trees, as well as gravel, rocks and completely transformed my "boring grass" into a lovely garden. She likes to use the phrase "it's a work in progress" which is so true. She is a good listener, as well as a good teacher. I highly recommend Firmly Planted for any size landscaping projects!

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