Whether it’s a pot, a balcony, a patio or a backyard- Firmly Planted creates gardens of the soul! Before we start any job we always begin with one question: “How will this space make you feel?” We believe that a garden is like the “soul.”
The seeds you plant are the “love.” The plants you choose are the “life” and the soil is the beautiful, black blanket that keeps it all nurtured, growing and healthy. Then there is “you”- the “golden thread” the “garden (guardian) angel” The one that makes sure everything is happy and healthy. Just the way Firmly Planted and Nature intended it!

Firmly Planted was created out of love, consciousness and the knowing that when you surround yourself with beauty, nature, style and flow you will feel good. When you feel good you are good!

I am Alicia Blas- the creator of Firmly Planted. I am a Master Gardener (Florida, Michigan, California and New Mexico). A garden and product designer and a Landscape Stylist.

I know the obvious reasons to have a beautiful garden:

-brings people and families together

-improves the value of your home

-creates experiences

-sustainability- herbs, veggies and fruits

I believe your garden is so much more than just that. It is a place to connect, dream, create and manifest. It’s about the feeling that comes together when mixing nature and beauty. It must also include; spirit, color, accessories, the perfect spaces to sit, eat and relax. Each of these elements are as important as the plants and flowers you choose.

The past 10 year long, strange and glorious journey has led me and Firmly Planted through homes, office buildings- inside and out, city streets, catalogs and even a few TV shows. Products from turf- pillows, address numbers and rugs.
Interior and exterior plant-scaping and home staging.

We are about planting seeds of love- all kinds:
We give it, we get it, we dig it we spread it!
We are proud to be Firmly Planted and we want to help you be proud to be the same!