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It’s a Firmly Planted Giveaway!

The Succulent Wife

This website is so spot on ‘Firmly Planted’!

Don’t you find that, as you get older, your life is now more about finding “meaning”? This is why the theme of Succulence is on the marquee. For us, Succulence is about truly tasting and experiencing life, preferably in big juicy, delicious bites. It’s about finding ways to relish the moment, to make it playful and exciting and meaningful. And it’s about living and consuming more consciously.

You Go Girls!
Turf Bolster Pillows, Oh My!
Always Have Fun

This site is so spot on for ideas and inspiration! Lots of stuff for design and includes nature-inspired ideas. LOVE IT!

Sole From Head to Toe

Houzz is a great design resource PLUS you can create a pin board with your clients… How cool is that?!

Have A Seat

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

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