About Us

Where we started, who we are and what we do

Firmly Planted was created from an awareness that when you surround yourself with beauty, nature, style, and flow, it creates a balanced vibe within your body and soul. Or as we like to say, “It’s all about a feeling.”

Firmly Planted began when Alicia Blas, a certified Master Gardener and stylist with a love of nature, design, beauty, and Feng Shui, turned her passions into products. When she created outdoor accessories in her Los Angeles garage using synthetic grass, her clients couldn’t get enough. Eventually she could not keep up with the demand, so small local artisans took over the manufacturing.

With our unique turf-covered indoor/outdoor products, Firmly Planted is bringing the outside in and the inside out by connecting people, Mother Nature and all the comforts and style of our time. Whether it’s with a plush pillow, grassy (address) numbers for your home & garden, or creating your own sacred space, Firmly Planted believes that you can create a bridge between the need to be in tune on a spiritual level and the desire for comfort on the physical level. Creating a balance between mind and body, Firmly Planted aims to close that gap and help people feel alive and whole, without having to sacrifice one need for another.

Too often we find ourselves choosing style over comfort or vice-versa. With Firmly Planted, you never need to make those decisions. Someone with a small studio apartment in the city can achieve the same mind/body/soul connection as someone with a huge yard bursting with color and vibe. Firmly Planted wants to make you firmly planted in every way, and we strive to do this by not only offering products and services to promote a healthy and “fun” lifestyle, but in our standards of being ecologically conscious and aware.

For example, if you look at one of our pillows, you will find that one side is covered in turf while the other is styled with fabric. Firmly Planted doesn’t see two sides of a pillow; we see the whole ”picture” as one unique entity. We see a product that provides comfort, promotes nature, and only requires a small amount of water to maintain. There is no need to waste our precious resources and pollute our earth to achieve our goals. In fact, synthetic turf spares billions of gallons of water and millions of pounds of fertilizer and pesticide from being applied to the soil of natural grass fields every single year, while preventing hundreds of thousands of pounds of carbon from lawn equipment being spewed into the atmosphere. The crumb rubber on the back of the artificial turf will prevent loads upon loads of car tires from being rolled into a landfill. If we can protect our earth and bring people closer to it at the same time with style and finesse, then we can say we have achieved our own harmony and that our company lives up to it’s name and is as firmly planted as our customers.

Located in Detroit, Firmly Planted is proud to be part of the Quicken Loans Family of Companies.

Firmly Planted is a graduate of the Bizdom family. Bizdom is a non-profit startup accelerator founded by serial entrepreneur Dan Gilbert, Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans, Majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and General Partner at Detroit Venture Partners.